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     Dr. Larsen is one of an extremely small number of dentists in the world that has tested (in real time) dental materials and assessed which of those are the most compatible and well tolerated by literally everyone.  Dr. Larsen's office will give the advantages and disadvantages of each dental material during your dental consultation, so you can make an educated decision as to what type of material is best for your particular situation.

Blood Testing:  neurologically inadequate.

    To identify compatible dental materials, immunological blood testing has proved inadequate since it is unable to assess neurotoxicity.  When blood testing alone was used to assess individual's biocompatible dental materials, it has been found that various people reacted later, sometimes days or months later, to their supposedly bio-compatible dental materials, as shown by the same blood test, when repeated. 
In contrast, the dental restorations and dental implant systems we recommend, when used properly, are extremely compatible and well tolerated.  While some may call Dr. Larsen a holistic dentist and others call him a biological dentist, Dr Larsen prefers to be called a nontoxic dentist, because he beleives this is the ultimate of dental care for his patients.

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