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Holistic dentistry or Biological dentistry is much more than simply removing problematic mercury (silver-looking) filling or root canaled tooth as some dentists (and patients) would like to believe.   It is is an alternative approach to dentistry that believes your oral health may be interconnected to your overall health. It focuses on using biocompatible restorative materials, eliminating infections, and promoting optimal teeth / jaw / head / neck structural relationships. 

While many dentists "claim" to be biological or a holistic dentist, it is very suprising to learn that very few of these have assessed their currently used dental materials for neuro-toxicity.  In fact, it may be even more suprising to learn, that Dr. Larsen is currently one of only an extremely small number of dentists that have personally tested dental materials and assessed in real time which materials are extremely compatible and well tolerated.  Most dental materials (and even certain treatments) currently used by other so called biological and holistic dentists fail to pass Dr. Larsen's requirements when it comes to neurotoxicity and true biocompatibility. 
Furthermore, when one carefully evaluates most holistic dentists or biological dentists practice, one becomes aware that most have only have a very small portion of their practice that one may term "holistic" or biological.  Frequently they continue to do remove toxic dental materials unsafely (without being in a negative pressure suite with special percautions), or continue to do dental treatments and/or procedures that raise serious health concerns.  Due to our experience in working with extremely advanced technology and have having personally assessed which dental materials are truely biocompatible and non-neurotoxic in real time, we are able to fully discuss these issues and give you an adequate informed consent before you do any dental treatment or do any dental revision.   

While, it is true that Dr Larsen knows of no one in America that removes mercury fillings safer then he does, it is also true the he only removes problematic mercury fillings safely in his negative pressure suite while using special protocols for everyone's health and safety!  Please be aware that Dr. Larsen does not give health advice.  He may quote various research, researchers, experts and/or medical doctors as it pertains to certian 'oral' health concerns you may have.  Or he may share some interesting stories that other patients have shared after a dental revision was completed. 
So, is Dr Larsen a biological dentist? A holistic dentist?   Call today and schedule a consultation to find out! Dr. Larsen believes truly biocompatible non-toxic dentistry is the ultimate level of dentistry that all biological dentists and holistic dentists should strive to obtain.  Only Non-Toxic Dentistry fits with Dr. Larsen's practice philosophy of  "Do No Harm".   

Experience a Quantum shift in your 'Dental' health.  Call us now for a consultation and be sure to get the free report below: