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           We believe health is a precious gift, 
therefore, careful research and thought is given to all the procedures, techniques,dental materials and dental implant systems we utilize to ensure biocompatibility and safety.  In order to ensure these goals are obtained, we have our own in-house dental laboratory to control all aspects of restoration fabrication, as well as to provide the convenience of same day crowns/restorations along with minimally invasive metal-free dental implants to replace missing, infected, problematic, dead and/or hopeless teeth, while being able to provide safe relaxating oral sedation if needed.

We are a mercury-free office that provides safe mercury filling (amalgam) removal in our exclusive negative-pressure suites, along with special protocols for your health and safety.  So if you would like to safely remove your silver-mercury fillings (metal fillings-amalgam) which may be leaking mercury, or you want to become informed about other dental concerns you may be having, or you simply want to get your cavities fixed, or you would like to replace a missing/infected/problematic/dead/non-savable/failed root canaled tooth with a revolutionary ceramic dental implant, then you need to visit us.

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What are our patients saying:

The Journey Begins"I have been to many dentist in my lifetime, but Dr. Larsen is by far the very best one ever.  I love him"-Patti G.  (67 years of experience. She drives 7 hours to see us!)

"I hate injections, but I didn't feel anything with Dr. Larsen's injection technique!  Wow" - Jestin Y.

"Dr. Larsen is a kind, thoughful man, who cares very much about his patients.  I recommend him most highly!  I feel that my health is better since my metal fillings were removed."- Brad Li.

"This is the cleanest and nicest dental office I have ever been to.  Very personable and friendly staff.  Dr. Larsen and his staff make a stressful situation a very calming and serene experence.  Thankyou very much!! :)"- Estella G.

"Today I am cancer free, I am amalgam free, and I am a medical miracle thanks to Dr. Larsen doing the ultimate detox for me- removing my amalgams. Shortly after having my amalgams removed, I also had my husband and daughters amalgams removed as well. I used to think that the expense of having the amalgam removed as the scary part. But being in that situation again, I would gladly sell all of my possessions to have them removed. It saved my life and it could save yours. "- Delia H. (We have her amazing 4 page story avialable at out office.)

"Ever since I had my 3 dead root canaled upper left back teeth pulled out and had them replaced with metal-free dental implants that very same day, I have not had any more sinus problems!  I suffered for 30 years with sinus problems/drainage/infections that required medications all the time and I had problems breathing through my nose because it was plugged.  Removing my root canaled teeth was as if a plug got pulled out of my sinus!  I also was hospitalized a year ago for atrial fibrillation and have had irregular heart beats for years.  I was so bad they put a heart monitor on me.  The amazing thing is that ever since the dead root canaled teeth were removed and replaced with ceramic implants the atrial fibulations and the irregular heart beats have completely dissapeared according to my heart doctor after he reviewed the heart monitor's data."- Verneice W. 

"Great Staff!  Great Dentist!"- Jacqueline C.

"Love your office, very pleasant and cheerful.  Everyone in the office is very friendly and makes sure I was comfortable.  Really apperciate the non-toxic materials.  Thanks for all your support"- Muriel O.

"I really apperciate how comfortable the staff makes you feel.  Dr. Larsen thoroughly explains what problems he finds and suggests what should be done.  Very friendly!   I was impressed with my comfort level.  Normally, I am a nervous mess.  Dr. Larsen kindly made me as relaxed as possible."-   (She wrote this immediately after we completed her beautiful strong same-day crown, that was entirely paid for by her previous dentist!- amazing but true.)

 "In late spring of 2011 I became very ill with what turned out to be lead and mercury poisoning.  I'm very grateful to the lord for leading me to........Dr. Larsen who removed all the mercury in my mouth in August 2011.  In September 2011, I went from darkness to daylight being symptom free.  Both my husband and I apperciate Dr. Larsen and his staff"-

"Dr. Larsen's practice was an answered prayer!  After five years of basically watching my life be stolen away from me in the form of mysterious staph infections, he confirmed a hidden jaw infection and failed root canal.  Removing the existing dental work and clearing away the infection gave me more energy and restored my health.  I have no pain and am loving the non-toxic implant!  I have my life back!"- Leeanna H.

"Dr. Larsen is a wonderful Dentist.  Every visit is pleasent and all his staff is so friendly.  I trust him and know what he does is amazing and my teeth feel great and health has improved.  Anyone who is blessed to find him will always be grateful.  Thank-You!"- Heather D.

"All staff was wonderful, were very understandable, understood & everything was very understandable."- Guadalupe M. 

"Everyone is helpful, professional, & pleasant.  I apperciate everyone."-  Cheryl B.

"Dr Larsen was recommended to me by multiple sources and I am so pleased that I decided to come and see for myself how great he is.  Not only is the office and waiting room areas, clean, modern, and peaceful-- The office staff is courtious and extremely thorough.  As for Dr. Larsen, it is clear upon meeting him for the first time that he is passionate about Non-Toxic Dentistry.  He is genuinely estatic to take out those nasty mercury fillings!  He has enthusiasm for this patients' health which became very clear to me when he stood up to my insurance company in a way no other health practioner has.  My insurance company wanted to take my old tooth out...... They didn't care about what was right for me, but Dr. Larsen did.  I was able to repair my tooth in a healthy way because of his persistance and dedication....  and still have the insurance cover their portion.  Thankyou, Dr. Larsen and your fantastic staff for helping me on my path to optimal health!"- Cambria B. (The insurance company said the tooth needed to be extracted, but a careful examination revealed a same day crown would take away the pain........which it did!)

"Dr. Larsen and his entire staff are awesome professionals.  I have had extensive dental work over the past 6 years and all of Dr. Larsen's work is still going strong with no problems!  I recommend Dr. Larsen to all my friends and family."- Dennis S.

"Having been a Dental Assistant for more than 13 years and working with a lot of different dentists, the experience with Dr. Larsen has been awesome.  I had a (healthy) dental implant put in and it was a great experience.  I recommend everybody come and try Dr. Larsen.  I recommend all my family to him."-  Yaneth R.  (please note: this assistant is currently employed as a registered dental assistant and has never been employed by Dr. Larsen!  Amazing but true!)

"My daughter was going through one bottle of Advil each month for her headaches.  My daughter now says her headaches are now gone since you removed her mercury fillings two weeks ago.  Thankyou so much Dr. Larsen!"-  Meresila M.

"I am really gald that I switched dentists and went to Dr. Gary Larsen!  I have been looking for a mercury-free dentist for a while.  The first time I saw Dr. Larsen, he told me that a crown that I had recently gotten was irritating my gums.  I didn't want to spend the money to replace it, so I left it in.  Last year I started having pain in my left shoulder.   I was getting shooting pain down the back of my arm and my arm would be completely dead in the mornings where I could not lift it.  I tried everything from chiropractic, accupuncture, herms, massage therapy, and nothing would touch it.  One day I was looking in the mirror and I remembered what Dr. Larsen said about my tooth (crown).  I immediately knew that I needed to get it out.  I made an appointment for that week and within 1-2 weeks (after the crown's removal) my shoulder and arm was 90% better.  I could not beleive it!  Dr. Larsen found under the crown was filled with black bacteria.  He tested my (old) crown (while it was in my mouth)  and it had 41 (ma)!  Its been 6 months since I had the crown out (and replaced with a compatible crown,) and my shoulder is still doing great! :) "- Leslie M. (Leslie's crown was located on her lower left side.  This is the only tooth with a crown in her mouth.)

"I am really glad I switched Dentists!  I was told by another dentist that my tooth root was rotton and that's why my tooth cracked.  They immediately said I needed an dental implant and scheduled an appointment for a month out, even though I was in extreme pain, they left the painful tooth fragement in my mouth!  I didn't feel right about about that dentist, so I looked up a natural dentist on the internet and found Dr. Larsen.   He was able to immediately meet with me and he pulled the tooth fragment out and saw that the tooth simply needed a crown.   He then made a crown for me that same visit!   That was a week ago and my tooth feels great ever since I left his office!"-  Anna R.  

"I am really glad I swiched dentists, and I thank God that I found you Dr. Larsen, because you saved my life!  About two years ago I was told by my former dentist that I needed 6 root canals in order save my teeth.  I knew I did not want any root canals espically after reading the article 97% of Terminal Cancer patients Previously Had This Dental Procedure....   After desperately searching I found you, and I thank God I did!  Not only is your office very nice, and clean, but you and your staff are so friendly and caring.  You fixed up my 6 teeth, and not one tooth has needed a root canal!  I am your patient for life!  Thankyou so very much."- James I.

"I am glad I found Dr. Larsen to removed my root canals.  Right away after they were removed, I noticed my digestion improved.  Within in 10 days after removal, I noticed my smile muscles relaxed and is even now.  Before, one side tipped down and one up while I smiled.  Best of all the infection in my jaw was removed and it seems to me that I am doing teeth grinding less often"- Carolyn K. (Ceramic dental
implants were placed immediately after the infected root canaled teeth were removed and the area properly cleaned out.)

 "I've gone to Dr. Larsen for over 4 years now and I don't want to use anyone else for my dental needs.  He's very efficient and makes sure you are comfortable through all phases.  I trust his judgment and skills and always walk out knowing I've been taken care of.  Thankyou Dr. Larsen and Staff for yet another satisfying experience!"- Megan V.

 "The dental health of my teeth is an essential part of my well being!  The dentistry by Dr. Larsen far exceeds my expectations through removing of toxic materials.  My recent experience included a crown removal and replaced within a couple of hours with a new crown!  Wow!  No come back in a couple of weeks nonsense!  All work was computer generated "3D" and an in house production.  Beat that!   Lastly, my past expereince with other dental offices were a nightmare!  This is not the case with Dr. Larsen's dentistry.  All work to be done is outlined and communicated with my health plan.  There is therefore zero suprises of a hidden cost!  Thus, the confidence gained from being healthier, with the professinalism of this staff will never compromise my well being for a healthier lifestyle!  Thanks again Dr. Larsen"- Christopher M.

"Today I left Dr. Larsen's office one happy patient.  After numerous appointments I finally have all 14 of my mercury fillings out!  My smile looks beautiful without any mercury showing like it use to.  I would like to thank Dr. Larsen and hisstaff for all their help in working with my busy schedule and for my awesome smile. "-  Erika M.

"My expereince today was the best.  Dr. Larsen is awesome.  Awesome office & team."- Anna M.

"Everyone was nice and helpful."- Tulya M.

 "The whole staff was completely professional and friendly.  They made me cofortable and educated about what was going to happen and what they were going to do.  I'm glad I put my dental needs in their hands"- Rudy E.

 "Good hand techniques and no pain"- Krinstin J.

 "I am so very apperciative of all the quality dental work that Dr. Larsen and his staff have done for me.  Eleven months ago I was very, very ill, depressed & anxious.  I didn't know what was contributing to my malaise.  I felt I was worth little to my self, my family, others, or even God.   I had to have crowns replaced, some of which were hiding decay underneath.  Then we tackeled 2 infected root canals 4 months ago.  After a severe detox episode, I began to feel better and better.  Now I feel I can do anything I set my mind to with vision and inspiration.  I have joy, purpose and a new lease on life.  I am so happy my journey led me to Dr. Larsen and Healthy Dentistry."-  Rebeckah W.

 "A wonderful experience!  Received my implant teeth, they feel normal and look great!  Dr. Larsen is the best.  He treated me with kindness and advised me with the treatment that was appropriate for me"-Rosie C.

 "Awesome!  Thanks!  God's Blessings!"- Cheri P.

 "It's been 1 1/2 months since having my mercury fillings removed by Dr. Larsen,  I have noticed suble, postive chances in my over-all well being, I feel better than I have in a long, long time!  My energy levels are higher and I have a more postive outlook, thankyou, Dr. Larsen"- Shanti J.

 "My experience today was real nice.  I really liked it.  I will recommend Dr. Larsen to all my family and friends.  Very professional staff.  Very friendly"- Mela M.

 "The experience I had with Dr. Larsen and his staff has been fanastic.  No only did they provide multiple reminders for appointment times, but they also ensured a pain free visit.  Dr. Larsen was sure to make it a point that my teeth were numbed and I was comfortable.  Best dentist visit I have ever had!"-  Elijah C.

"I thought Dr. Larsen was about to begin removing my wisdom tooth, but I was informed that he had all ready removed it! ..........  He is my Favorite Doctor!"-  GazHala B.

 "Called today and I got seen and helped today.  Thankyou!" - J. Toro

 ".....the hygienist was amazing and I truly enjoyed my experince!  Dr. Larsen was also awesome and gave me awesome suggestions!"-  Alexandria C.

 "My appointment went well.  I did not feel nervous or afraid.  Everything was done perfect with no pain!"-  Inocencia A.

 "Very Happy.  Thankyou"  :) - Aaron J.

 "The work done today was done in expert fashion.  Very Good!"-  Daniel B.

 "I'm always pleased with Dr,. Larsen's thorughness and work, I apperciated that the needed work could be accomplished on the same date" -Cheryl B

""Thank you for all the excellent work you've done for me!  I feel so much more energized and healthy.  God bless you!"- Margaret E.

"Very professional staff.  Dr. was informative & courteous.  Very pleasent visit."- Bethany T.

"Always a great visit! Great Staff!"- Angele A.

"The whole experience was wonderful.  I was really nervous when I first came in, but all the starff made me comfortable & at ease.  I typically hate shots, but when Dr. Larsen did it, I felt nonthing.  I apperciate the extra time and efforts they take to make your experience a good one"-  Veronica P.

dr larsen

 What Dr. Larsen has to say:  

I feel very fortunate to help my patients acheive better "oral" health.  I feel extremely blessed to make such a powerful difference in my patients lives!

3 John 1:2



Gary Larsen, DDS

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